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We develop efficient, sustainable, resource-saving construction site concepts, particularly for high-rise construction and for new building in inner-city confined areas. From planning, managing and equipping large construction sites through to guarding them: We take care of every aspect of logistics to give your construction project optimal support.


We are a young construction logistics company in Frankfurt/Main—and a wholly owned subsidiary of Groß und Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH. So we know what it means to make sophisticated construction projects for different usage a reality. Especially when it comes to keeping a construction site running under time pressure, without enough space, or in the face of other challenging conditions.



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First things first: Sustainable environmental management is one of our top priorities. Whether it’s noise, harmful emissions, or construction waste: We design our entire logistics planning so that unwanted environmental impact never even becomes a factor—or is reduced to a minimum.

In the case of inner-city construction work, we also ensure that the course of the construction site is explained to the neighborhoods and authorities through transparent communication.

  • Logistics planning

    Planning is half the battle.

    Planning is half the battle.

    Thanks to painstaking preparations, we establish an optimal framework that makes it possible for things to go smoothly on a construction site in the first place. This simplifies the management and running of your project, improves its supply and disposal processes and, at the same time, elevates the security level. Our planning services takes in every phase of the construction process: from site equipment all the way to a contractually grounded logistics manual.

  • Site equipment

    Efficiency can be arranged.

    Efficiency can be arranged.

    By tailoring the equipment on your site to your needs, we make sure that your project proceeds as planned. Whether it’s electricity, water, lighting, or heating for the site, containers or mobile toilets, roads, transport or lifting equipment: We supply the full range of construction equipment, together with solid recommendations for the ideal spot to put it on the available terrain. That way everything runs like a well-oiled machine—and you can concentrate entirely on what you need to do.

  • Security

    If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in.

    If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in.

    With our support, only authorized companies and people will make it onto your construction site. A web-based access control program provides the foundation, computer-controlled gateposts, barrier systems, and turnstiles handle the entrance. We can install the latter in special containers or even out in the open. Naturally we also provide the entire security staff—secure means secure.

  • Supply logistics

    Perfect timing is everything.

    Perfect timing is everything.

    To allow the entire delivery process to flow as smoothly as possible, we arrange all logistics processes to take place just in time. From announcing the delivery, to unloading and vertical transport to get things to the right floor: Our efficient track-and-trace system allows us to check up on and document the current status of every individual delivery through to the final handover. That way we serve the actual resource requirements, which means we can assign them to individual work processes and avoid any bottlenecks. We also coordinate the delivery and materials zones in addition to the use of transport aids.

  • Disposal and cleaning

    Only a clean construction site is a safe construction site.

    Only a clean construction site is a safe construction site.

    That’s why we provide a central disposal and cleaning concept, including cleaning staff. Whether in a bring-or-collect system, collection points per building or floor, or in the form of a standalone disposal area. Our full service also includes the cleaning of traffic and escape routes throughout construction, as well as defect management for the targeted integration of subcontractors. In short: Nothing that doesn’t belong on the construction site gets left behind.

Good reasons for GP Log

  • Proven specialist for high-rise logistics
  • Special hoists for construction sites above 120 meters
  • Track and trace system that documents the supply process through to the buyer’s handover point—and individual pallets can even be traced to their floor
  • Provision of individual data warehouse solutions including digital management
  • One-stop, end-to-end construction logistics


These are sophisticated projects that we have already successfully helped through the construction phase with our logistics—or are in the process of doing so now. Either way, check out our expertise for yourselves.


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Phone: +49 (69) 36 00 95 – 950